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What We Offer

All of our numbers are USA based and will work with any service.

  • Bypass phone verifications and sms verifications
  • Bypass phone call & voice verifications
  • Real US numbers for all major online platforms and mobile apps
  • Longterm numbers & rentals support
  • Use our numbers to protect your privacy — don't give out yours
  • Don't let companies resell your personal info
  • Strong encryption for all online sessions
  • Cryptocurrency accepted
  • API Access + dedicated support
  • Integrate and scale your application
  • Complete API reference
  • Bulk discounts available

How It Works



I have been using Textverified's non-VoIP real US numbers for several weeks now. It gives me peace of mind when ordering food and rideshares to know that I’m not giving my real number to strangers! Easy to bypass text verifications and protect my privacy.

Literally took me 2 minutes to create a new anonymous Twitter & Discord using your temporary phone verification service. Good job, guys.

This is hands-down the best tool to bypass sms verifications. My transactions go through really quick and my balance is always updated right away. Their support team is great.

I love Textverified's disposable temporary numbers. I use their services for everything: sms verification, text verification, voice verification. They are responsive when you have a problem with the service. A+

Textverified provides the highest quality numbers. The numbers are always non-VoIP real US numbers which means I can get my sms verification for any service. Love the flexibility!

Textverified makes automation easy with API Access and a dedicated support team. Their services can be integrated into your application quickly and reliably, making it easier than ever to scale to your needs.